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Hot Shot Customs Custom Smithwick Perfect 10s use a proprietary paint process that has been tested thoroughly giving you the edge you need on your next angling adventure.

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The Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue dives when twitched, and produces that deadly “Rogue Roll” that has been the downfall of so many gamefish. (The Rogue Roll is unique to this jerkbait, and describes the way the bait rolls side-to-side while swimming to produce a baitfish-like flash that attracts fish from a distance.) The Perfect 10 dives quickly to 10 feet, plus, it’s got that fish-catching tungsten rattle that fish – and fishermen – have been searching for. In addition to being a proven bait for casting-and-twitching, the Perfect 10 has made quite a name for itself when trolling for walleyes in the Great Lakes and other northern waters.

Length: 5 1/2 in | Cranking Depth: 10-12 ft | Trolling Depth: 12-15 ft | Hooks: Three #4